The Frankfurt Files

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Part One: "It does wonders for your ego."
Couch v. Man
Worse than the DMV
Horses and Mojitos
Saturday Night Spa: Undisguised
Taekwondo Yo
Formidable Force
Foreign Turkey

Part Two: Faking It

Expat Meet-up – Say What?


Kati’s Angels

IKEA and Us

Feeling Un-American

Berlin Christmas

Part Three: A Fool in Frankfurt

Culture Shocked in the German Jungle

Frankfurt Motor Showdown


Poker Babies

International Bagel Night

Foot Lost

Part Four: "Why Me?" and Lessons Learned

Frozen Sunday

Stomach Blues

Sometimes Guy

The Stink

Split Decisions

Durchfalls Abend bei Omi und Opi

Part Five: Coming to Terms?

Back to Basics

I’d be a Coconut

Land of Tissues and Sneezes

Help Me Understand

The Cream Cheese Epidemic

Bookstore Gas

Part Six: "Cheers, Prost, Salute, whatever you prefer."


The German Wedding Show

Bring the Cheese

Champagne for Four

The Fourth in Frankfurt

A Little Somethin’ around the Corner

Part Seven: Jet Setting: We're the weekenders, but sometimes we stay longer.

From Frankfurt to Paris

Rollin’ in Amsterdam

Chocolate Easter

From Frankfurt to Paris Returns

“Take the Cannolis”

Have another Cannoli (Part II)

More Cannolis (Part III)

Cannoli Surprise (extra ricotta)

Vienna & My Valentine

Cape Germany – Two Birds at the Baltic

Part Eight: Surprise!


They did it Again!

Don’t Flush

The Love Question